Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Next door to the White House, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB) commands a unique position in both our national history and architectural heritage.

The Office of the Architect of the Capitol
Description and History of the U.S. Capitol Grounds
The Capitol contains some of the most important spaces in the nation's history. You may wish to begin with an introduction to historic rooms including the Capitol Dome, the Capitol Rotunda, the Old Senate Chamber, the Old Supreme Court Chamber, and the National Statuary Hall.

The Capitol Visitors Center is now open.

The Brumidi Corridors
The vaulted, ornately decorated corridors on the first floor of the Senate wing in the United States Capitol are called the Brumidi Corridors because, although assistants and other artists are responsible for many of the details, the design of the murals and the major elements are by Constantino Brumidi.

A Brief History of the United States Botanic Garden

A virtual tour of the 446-acre the National Arboretum located in the Nation’s Capital. Visitors can see and learn about each of the major facilities, display gardens, and collections at the National Arboretum and gain a thorough overview of America’s only nationally funded arboretum.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is the U.S. Government's security printer, responsible for the design and manufacture of U.S. currency, postage stamps, Treasury obligations and other U.S. securities.

The John F. Kenedy Center for the Performing Arts virtual tour.

Ford's Theatre
Besides being a memorial to Abraham Lincoln, Ford's is also an active, legitimate theatre, putting on a full schedule of plays during the year.

Also available is a virtual tour of Ford's Theatre.

From the early days of the Republic Lafayette Square has been in the center of its history, surrounded by the homes of many of the leaders of our nation and its government.

The Old Stone House, one of the oldest known structures remaining in the nation's capital, is a simple 18th century dwelling built and inhabited by common people. More info here.

The Octagon - The Museum of the American Architectural Foundation

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The National Museum of Crime & Punishment

Located on 7th Street NW between E and F Streets in downtown Washington, D.C.

Visitors explore the technology and science behind fighting and solving crimes, discover the heroes of law enforcement, and venture into the dark side of the criminal mind at the National Museum of Crime & Punishment. The Washington, DC museum includes a crime scene lab and the filming studios for America's Most Wanted with host John Walsh. High-speed police-chase simulators, a simulated FBI shooting range, John Dillinger’s car, and hundreds of interactives and artifacts fill the new educational museum. There is a retail store called “The Cop Shop,” and audio tours are available.

The NMCP’s curriculum for students in 5th through 12th grades is available to teachers who purchase tickets for a group of 20 or more students.

Daughter's of the American Revolution Museum is Washington's only American decorative arts museum. Virtual tour here.